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To provide you full security when using the www.EnjoythelittleTHINGS.eu website, we developed the Privacy Policy. Every user of our shop is subjected to the actual version of this document. www.EnjoythelittleTHINGS.eu reserves the right to change the rules of it without informing the users.
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Every user of the www.EnjoythelittleTHINGS.eu has unlimited opportunities for checking, editing and deleting his personal data. To check or change them, log in on the website www.EnjoythelittleTHINGS.eu and choose „Your account“. If you want to delete your account, send an e-mail to us info@enjoythelittlethings.eu.
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Access to the personal data have only authorised employees of EnjoythelittleTHINGS.eu


To realize an order placed in the on-line shop www.EnjoythelittleTHINGS.eu we have to collect all necessary data: Name and surname of the customer or the name of the company, taxpayer identification number (if the client wants the VAT invoice), delivery address (and eventually address for the invoice), e-mail address and the telephone number. Without them we are unable to realize the order.
www.EnjoythelittleTHINGS.eu reserves the right to send notifications about the order via email.


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